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My Destiny

Since ancient times, we have been fascinated with the concepts of destiny and reincarnation. In India, the Hindus, one of the oldest religious groups in the world, believe in destiny. Destiny refers to the fate of a person that the gods and goddesses predetermine. And this determination is by our deeds in previous lives. Reincarnation is supported by Vedic astrology.   According to this concept, our physical body dies when we die, but our soul never ceases to exist. The soul enters as the main living force inside a new body. Let us understand in detail. Your destiny refers to those things that are not in your hands. Circumstances, situations, and resources determine what we choose to do at a particular time. According to astrology, our choice results from the planetary positions in our horoscope. In any case, you can never escape your destiny. But we will see how our actions influence our destiny. Only our karma remains with our soul after it leaves the body and enters a new one. And then karma determines our fate in our next life.

Free will and karma

The concept of free will exists in many religions, including Islam and Christianity. Free will refers to the freedom given to human beings by divine entities to choose a path of action about a particular situation. For example, you can eat non-vegetarian items or remain a vegetarian according to your will. Having said that, some aspect of destiny is still involved in making your decision. Let’s understand it correctly. If you are born into a vegetarian family, you may become a vegetarian. That is what we call destiny in an astrological context. According to astrology, planetary movements and the position of stars determine the occurrence of any event and the possibility of its occurrence. If you love ice cream today, it’s not entirely your will. Your preferences have been shaped by many events and situations that involve the alignment of planets and stars. Hence, complete free will does not exist in astrology. But karma is a concept that is included in Hinduism and Vedic astrology. Karma means actions that you perform in your lifetime. Depending on your karma, you will get the results in your next life, as discussed in the above section, where we explained destiny and its concept. Free will is a concept not supported by Vedic astrology. Astrology believes that nothing can happen in this world through the free will of any human being. Every event has a reason and is manifested by your karma.

Karma and destiny

We have discussed destiny and karma so far. The concept is simple. Fate is predetermined, and karma is in our hands. We have to understand that free will is not related to your karma. We explained the same in detail earlier. Whether you choose to be a doctor or an engineer is your free will. But in an astrological context, the positions of stars and planets will always influence your decisions. But whether you become a good doctor or an engineer depends on your karma or efforts. So you have to make reasonable efforts to achieve your goals in life. If you stop working towards your goals, no horoscope can help you achieve them.

Changing Your Destiny

You can easily understand the relationship between karma and destiny. We all know that destiny is predetermined. But our karma helps us fulfill our destiny. For example, if you don’t work out properly, you will not become a successful bodybuilder, even if your horoscope enables you to become one. And there is no alternative to hard work, which is as accurate as ever. And yes, you can sometimes change your destiny through your karma. You will fail if you read all the chapters and fail an exam. But your efforts will always be worthwhile. Rechecking will get you through, or you will score the highest next time. The reason is that you worked hard. Hence, you reduced the possibility of your failure. So, you changed your destiny in this case.

Therefore, we can alter our destinies at some point through our actions.

How can astrology help change our destiny?

We know about karma and destiny. There is a deep relationship between karma and our destiny. Karma, or our efforts, can shape our destiny and future. You try to avoid some bad habits that lead to cancer. You may have cancer one day if it’s destined. Due to your karma of preventing bad habits, you will have a better chance of survival.


Destiny is predetermined. You cannot choose your parents, gender, the financial status of your family, and more. It’s all fate. The concept of free will doesn’t exist in astrology. Astrology says all decisions are influenced by cosmic energies, not your free will. But Vedic astrology includes karma. Yes, you can fulfill your destiny with your efforts. In some cases, they also alter it. So to change your future, you need to put in efforts and face all the obstacles in your path.

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